The Staves From England

The Staves are a trio of English sisters currently having quite a run on the acoustic folk scene. They are not Irish trad, but they ARE beautifully in harmony and gaining a lot of international attention in the acoustic folk world. They have that sibling harmony blend down perfectly, and it is featured on their current album, If I Was. They were highly recommended by regular listener, Marco van der Laan from Holland. Marco is a faithful listener to the Bill & Imelda Show every Sunday at 18:00 GMT here on LI, and brought the group to the attention of our intrepid co-hosts! No, the Staves are not particularly Irish trad, but they are particularly good, and we wanted you to hear them! (If we have this right, the group is singing this song on the video live, perfectly.) Enjoy!


The Staves From England: Website:

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