Matt Damon’s in Dublin

matt damon in dublin

Matt Damon’s in Dublin.

One thing about Dublin, and Ireland in general, no matter how famous or infamous you are, you can walk the streets or go into pubs and restaurants etc. and no one will bother you.

Well, we’ll qualify that within reason. Irish people tend to worry about people’s personal space and generally stay clear with a polite nod or Hi-Ye.
It’s usually a case of mistaken identity.

The greeter will more than likely think they know you from somewhere, only to cop on to the fact you were in that Martian blockbuster a few weeks ago, after the fact.

One rule of thumb for would be A-list celebrities coming to Ireland; leave your ego at the airport.

Matt Damon in Dublin today before and after the U2 gig.

Delighted to have him here visiting.

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