The Chieftains. Enough said, really.

The Chieftains. Enough said, really. Without them, Irish music would not be what it is today. Period. How long have they been a creative force, led by piper, Paddy Moloney? 50 years? They have also had so many guest stars with the band over that time, It is almost impossible to list them all, ranging from Mick Jagger to Luciano Pavarotti. The years have sadly taken away some of the lads. But, oh, there was a time! Perhaps, their musical top of the hill in the guest star field was realized with fellow Irishman, Van Morrison. We could feature them a lot more (and, we will)! For now, sit back with us, relax, turn the clock back and enjoy. Only four are left–Paddy, Sean Keane, Matt Molloy and Kevin Conniff. Sean doesn’t travel with them much at all lately, due to health problems. Reduced in number–but still Chieftains. Still magical.

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