IrishCoin A New Digital Currency For The Irish.


Exclusive offer for LiveIreland members Only! Get Free IrishCoin the new Irish Bitcoin.

Have you heard of BitCoin? Well now there’s IrishCoin. A new peer to peer digital currency for the Irish community abroad and at home… IrishCoin will get you discounts with online Irish Gift Stores, Irish Pubs, Clubs, shops and Restaurants in Ireland and at Irish businesses near you. To download your digital wallet just follow the instructions below.

1. Download the wallet below
Download Windows Client WINDOWS (Some anti virus software may prompt to keep or discard. Just press keep and install)!)
Download Ubuntu Client LINUX
Download Mac OS Client APPLE MAC
2. Install the software and run it. It will look like the images below.
3. Open the wallet icon or run the software. It will show a few hours behind as it connects to the network.
4. A green arrow at the bottom will show up when its connected
5. Press the Receive button at the top
6. Click on the code under “address” either right click to copy it or click the “copy address” button at the bottom.
7. Send us the code with your liveIreland name and email address using the form below and we’ll send you Free IrishCoins.

Submit your receive code here: info <at> irish coin dot org

This offer is exclusive to liveIreland members only!!
For more information go to

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