World Premiere: Project West

Another Sunday, another great world premiere on LiveIreland! This week (July 31) is the worldwide broadcast premiere for Project West’s brand new, self-titled album. An immediate contender for Album of the Year, cuts from the album will be presented on the Bill & Imelda Show at 18:00 GMT. You may have known this group as The Young Irelanders, but a name change and a fresh take on the music guarantees them a far wider audience, to be sure! Another item of serious note is that the group has two LiveIreland Musicians of the Year in it! The 2016 winner is Colin Farrell, mostly playing fiddle with the group (as he also does with Lunasa), and former winner, Kieran Munnelly on flute and vocals. Project West is a VERY special album, as the vid shows. Great variety of tunes and songs. Do join Bill & Imelda on Sunday, as LiveIreland continues to be the place to hear the new and best first! Project West. Wow!

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