We Banjo 3 “String Theory”

We Banjo 3 "String Theory"

We Banjo 3 is the hottest group in Irish music right now, and the lads are out with their newest album. It is called, “String Theory”. The album will receive its world radio premiere on the Bill & Imelda show Sunday, July 24th at 18:00 GMT right here. The album furthers the group’s journey into Americana and bluegrass–which is all based on Irish music. We have all discussed the topic, “what is ‘Americana’? ” at LiveIreland, and all agreed it cannot be successfully defined–but we know it when we hear it! As usual with WB3, the musicianship is impeccable and the music great fun–uplifting and fab. Ireland meets America meets the world!! String Theory is wonderful music and will most certainly propel this Galway-based group to new heights. A winner from a group playing a hot hand! You can hear it first here on LiveIreland, the headquarters for Irish music world premieres! See you Sunday, and in the repeats during the week. Don’t fail to come into the LiveIreland chatroom during the premiere on Sunday and join in the discussion from fans all over the world. We like to think it is the friendliest chatroom on the net–and it is. See you there! Here comes String Theory!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zBKMQdBr9Q&w=560&h=315]

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