We Banjo 3: Haven

We Banjo 3

One of the best live acts to come out of Ireland in recent years, their multi-award winning CD of 2016 “String Theory” debuted at #1 on the Billboard World Music Chart”.

An Irish quartet transcending even the best  superlatives” The Huffington Post

The brothers Howley and Skehill AKA as We Banjo 3 , the band which invented a whole new genre, Celtigrass, return with their 5th CD titled, Haven, they approached this one with a new approach. “We had a great collaborative process down in Carraroe in Connemara where we sat down in the middle of one of those big, massive Atlantic storms and camped out for a week right at the beach. We took all the pieces we had worked on and dismantled them with a critical eye and worked on improving and enhancing them and eventually settled on a running order of eleven tracks that were all self-penned and had that central theme of hope and a safe space within music; a Haven.”

Martin explains. “It’s a mix of songs and instrumentals all composed by the band that is informed by a core idea of haven; haven being the idea of providing a safe space in this increasingly maddening world. We’ve been told repeatedly that people who come to our shows feel we provide an escape and we love the idea of hope and peace being a message, so that became our central theme”.


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