Thunder On The Horizon: The Young Irelanders

The Young Irelanders is an act comprising 8 sensational Irish performers. The act was put together at the end of last summer and since October 2015 are undergoing a 100 date tour of the USA. Having taken time off in Dec/Jan they go back to the US this February until the end of May.

Anyone who knows anything about Irish trad music would know the performers in this group are second to none.

These young performers are amongst the best Irish traditional performers in the world while their talent is recognised outside these circles, for example some have toured as part of David Gray’s band, recorded with members of the Rolling Stones and performed with Sting. See the attached for details of the group.

In an Irish traditional and folk music context, despite their youthfulness, the members have performed with The Chieftains, De Dannan, the Dubliners, the Fureys, Martin Hayes and many more of the most established names in the Irish traditional and folk music business. Dancer Siobhán Manson has been the principal dancer with Riverdance for 10 years (up until 2015).

The Young Irelanders also sets out to reflect an Ireland of today where many of Ireland’s finest exponents of Irish traditional music are second generation Irish or reside out side of Ireland. Two such musicians and members of the group, Colin Farrell and Damien Mullane, were brought up in Britain to Irish emigrant parents and both have gone on to become amongst the most revered Irish traditional musicians in the world while they have also been drawn to these strong Irish roots and have spent many years living in Ireland.

Check out the band website and Facebook

Definitely going to be hearing more about these guys. They are in the middle of a 100 date tour of the US at the moment but will be launching their album in Ireland and Britain this summer

Author: Michaella McMahon

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