The Skellig Islands.

How to get to the Skellig Islands

The Skellig Islands.

Star Wars is due to open on Dec 17th in Ireland. No doubt the Skelligs will feature high on the list of must see tours with  star wars fans in 2016. Problem is Skellig isn’t the type of place you can just hop on a boat and jump on. The perilous seas and near death defying steps to the huts will put the wind up any would be explorer. If you’re thinking of going and like me you’re the acrophobic type be prepared. The view and presence of the place will probably blow all those fears away.

Skellig Huts


Skellig Islands Cliff Side


Skellig Islands Co Kerry


Skellig Island sunset steps


Skellig Michael


Skellig Island Beehive Hut


Skellig Beehive Huts


Check out Irish Trad Group Connla playing the Star wars theme tune.



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