Thatched Cottages Kilmore Quay, Co Wexford

Kilmore Quay still retains it’s 19 century traditional thatched cottages in all their splendour.

Traditionally thatcher’s used natural materials that could be sourced locally, for example water reeds by the river Slaney, wheat reed or straw from the farm.

There are various designs that can be chosen for a thatched roof. The ridge of the roof can be very decorative or simple. Designs can be flush, block cut, bobbin, wrap over and a combination of natural materials and styles.

This is a very skilled craft, bundling reeds together tightly to make the roof both water resistant and thermally efficient as well as very pretty. It has developed as an art form over thousands years of use.

The end result being very beautiful, decorative and efficient.

kilmore cottage

kilmore cottage

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kilmore cottage

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kilmore cottage

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