The terrific Paul McKenna Band

The terrific Paul McKenna Band from Scotland has a brand new bit of business out called, Paths That Wind. On Imelda Bhroga’s and my Sunday show on at noon from Dublin, Ireland, we play a lot of Paul McKenna, and we will play even more of this album. Great music. McKenna is a definite contender for 2017 Male Vocalist of the Year with this one. His voice is VERY special and exquisite, and it has matured a lot. Our only complaint with the band’s previous three albums is that there was a lot of Paul McKenna, but not enough of his wonderful band. Problem solved. The 10 cuts on this album have a lovely mix of vocal and instrumental moments. Easy to find. Already on iTunes and Amazon. The Paul McKenna Band has become one of those rare international groups both respected and loved. They have arrived, and an even more confident voice from McKenna joins an even more varied instrumental blend to produce one of the year’s best new albums. Just plain, flat-out wonderful.


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