Teeling Whiskey Distillery

kalraRenThe Teeling Whiskey Company was founded by brothers Jack and Stephen Teeling in 2012, with the aim to revive the family trademark of whiskey and to bring whiskey distilling back to Dublin. Teeling Whiskey distillery is Dublins first new distillery in over 125 years. As a whiskey lover and a Dublin native, I just had to check it out. It’s located in an ancient market square called Newmarket in the Liberties area of Dublin South inner city (not too far away from where Jack and Stephen’s ancestor Walter Teeling had a distillery on Marrowbone Lane in 1782.). The distillery is only minutes away from Guinness Storehouse and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. 

We were a little early for our tour so we had a coffee in The Phoenix Café. They serve locally sourced and produced food and drinks. Our first stop was an exhibition space, “The Spirit of Dublin”. It featured an interesting photo exhibition by a renowned Dublin photographer, Al Higgins. Our guide, Cait, was very  knowledgable and passionate about whiskey. The tour was a very intimate experience (compared to Guinness or Jameson tours). She showed us a short film about the building of the distillery, which you can see here. 

We were lead through the distillery along with some lovely ladies from New Zealand (who weren’t Irish whiskey drinkers at the start but later they were definitely converted!). The tour lasts about 45/50 minutes and covers every aspect of their whiskey making process. The distillery itself is very warm but the smell is quite pleasant. The tour includes Cait showing us how to taste whiskey correctly and a sampling of some very fine Teeling Whiskey. The three whiskies I tasted were Single Grain, Small Batch and Single Malt. They all tasted and smelt very different. Single Malt was my favourite, it felt like the aftertaste kept changing!


When Cait said her goodbyes, she told us we were free to check out the bar (The Bang Bang Bar) and merchandise shop, which are located just to the left of the tasting area. I was surprised to learn that they make their own Poitín, which is available to buy in the shop. Poitín was outlawed in 1661, driving the whole industry underground until becoming legal in the last few years. It’s 61.5% alcohol so it’s probably a bit too strong for me but probably an experience worth trying. 

The starting entrance price for the tours is €14 and there are upgrades available which enable you to taste even more whiskey. The visitor centre is open 7 days a week.





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