Tara Howley out of Kilfenora, Co. Clare, a wonderful musician.

Tara Howley is a 20-year old out of Kilfenora, Co. Clare, and a wonderful musician. She plays uileann pipes, fiddle, concertina and sings–among other things! She has a new album out, “Take 1”. ​She is at the forefront of an incredibly important trend in the music now. Youth. Now, you have to be a good musician–really good. No matter what instrument you play, being “good for your age” is not enough. But, there is no substitute right now for being young as far as promoters and bookers are concerned. Used to be that the young ones, by and large, sat and waited their turns while they learned and learned. No more. Worldwide, promoters are looking for great musicians who are really young, and are willing to travel appearing in concerts, as the music re-energizes itself. It always does. This time, the deal is “young”, and it is Tara Howley. And others, like, Haley Richardson, the 13-year old fiddle prodigy from New Jersey in the States, Hailey Sandoz out of Texas on fiddle and younger bands like Socks in the Frying Pan, Connla and Dallahan. Keep an eye on all this, and enjoy Tara Howley!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVMrAJN5UzQ?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=853&h=480]

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