St Colmcille’s Holy Well South Dublin

Saint Colmcille’s Well is  located at the top end of the Ballycullen Road as you near Orlagh retreat centre. Legend has it Saint Colmcille stopped off on his way to Glendalough and came upon the ancient well, where he quenched his thirst and blessed the well.

Little is known of the well’s earlier history, but both the local parish and school are named after St. Colmcille. In about 1914 its reported that a postman who frequented the well gained local support to clear the overgrowth and devotion was revived at the site. In 1920 the shrine was inaugurated and the statue unveiled, many gathered including some notable clergy from near and far. The logo of the local parish features a depiction of the well and every year, to mark St. Colmcille’s Feast day, (June 9th), there is a pilgrimage by the local church to the well. The well is also known as Tobar na gCluas.





Author: liveIreland

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