ProdiJig; the Revolution in Irish Dance

ProdiJig Opening At The Cork Opera House

Remember when Riverdance hit the stage at Eurovision 1994?
Ireland was on the up, the celtic tiger was in full overflow along with the Guinness and an enormous sense of optimism. The Irish dance purists were aghast at the site of Flatley, et al, waving their hands in the air with a “that’s just not on, what are they doing to our dance culture”.

Well, it’s come full circle again with ProdiJig, Irish dance and electro fusion. Check the vid. below, it’s very powerful and a must watch.

Our take on this; Riverdance brought Irish dance to the forefront, to the masses. The experience was euphoric and powerful, and still is.
If this video showcase is anything to go by, ProdiJig will bring Irish dance back to the Irish and continue to make it powerful and current.


Cork Opera House Presents:
ProdiJIG: The Revolution
Coming Summer 2016.

Working with revolutionary young Cork born choreographer and World Champion Irish Dancer Alan Kenefick, and his award winning troupe of dancers, Cork Opera House is proud to be bringing to the stage this ground breaking new Irish dance show, showcasing the tradition of Irish dance as we’ve never seen it before.

ProdiJig: The Revolution, ushers in a new age of Irish dance for the 21st century. The show will fuse electronic dance music with traditional music as Cork Opera House brings together pioneering figures in the electronic dance and Traditional Irish music scenes.

Sound and Musical Direction by Peter Power.

Tickets on sale from Thursday Dec 10th 2015 at

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