Rare Late March Snow Returns to Ireland.

Very rare cold weather returned to Ireland this week due to a north easterly which brought hill snow and severe rain downpours across the country. As you can see the contrast between spring and winter had instagramers out in force with some brilliant landscape shots. The sun returns on Friday Buiochas le dia!

St. Kevin's Tower, Glendalough. . If you love landscape photography or just photography in general you'll know that the main objective is to find a completely new, unique angle of a location in an extraordinary set of circumstances. This picture is just that for me. . Personally it's my favourite picture I've ever took . I've searched the Internet high and low for months and know now for a fact it's a new angle of the famous tower! So any pictures I see from here on in I know I was the first or one of the first to get it 😃 Maybe I'll try get where I took it from called Keith's Corner 😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈 • • • • • #Inspireland #VisitIreland #WanderIreland #Ireland_Gram #Insta_Ireland #InstaIreland #IrishPassion #DiscoverIreland #igersireland #loves_ireland #icu_ireland #irelandinspires #Thisisireland #eire #ireland #travelireland #ig_ireland #loveireland #tourismireland #Hubdirectory #ig_color

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Author: Niamh Lyons

Former broadcast SEO at Spots now happy mother with two kids in NY! Co Clare is my base.

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