Margeson on the Music August 2015

Milwaukee Irish Fest—–August 13-16, 2015

Every year here on LiveIreland for a couple of decades we’ve been reviewing Milwaukee’s Irish Fests in anticipation of the Big One. And make no mistake, Milwaukee IS the Big One. We have enjoyed a close relationship with the Fest over the years and it continues to this day. We can say in all honesty, that for the true Irish music lover, the real trad fan, this year is the best ever! Were you to attend the Festival for all four days, you could not see and hear all the quality that is on offer. There will be around 125,000 people over that time witnessing entertainment on 17 different stages. Ohhhh, this is mighty! Go to the website and see it all:
We’re going to talk here about the best of the best, and there is plenty. Pictured above is the hottest group in Irish music right now, We Banjo 3. They are featured regulars here on LiveIreland and with good reason. Their new album, Live from Galway, is a contender for virtually every category of the Year’s Best we have. They will draw big crowds at Milwaukee, as they do everywhere else. Hot, hot, hot!
Let’s just add to We Banjo 3 with an incredible lineup that features a hot new Scottish quintet, Dallahan. Hottest of all will be the trio of Jimmy Keane, Mick Moloney, and Robbie O’Connell. They don’t play together as much as they used to, and they are the best in the business. Jimmy is LI Male Musician of the Decade, and Mick has won Album of the Year, joining Robbie in too many awards to mention. They are not to be missed, and we can’t wait to see them again! Of course, our Female Musician of the Decade, fiddler Liz Carroll will be there, but only on two days of the four-day Festival. More’s the shame. Many argue that she is the best Irish fiddler in the world. Nobody would disagree that she is among the Top 5. What a rare opportunity to see this creative genius at work.
Look who else. Site favorites Goitse and the fantastic FullSet will knock ‘em dead. Look again. Here’s Lunasa, and the trio of Matt Molloy, John Carty and Arty McGlynn. Socks in the Frying Pan are rivaling We Banjo 3 for hottest group in the business, and they are going to be there. Always offering a fun show, this year’s Cherish the Ladies performances will include one of Irish music’s great female singers, Maura O’ Connell. The unbelievable duet of Tim Edey and Brendan Power is sure to be fantastic! Tim Edey is one of our favorite guitarists and Brendan Power is Ireland’s best harmonica player — so good in fact that he was the featured soloist with Riverdance. There is also a brand new trio, Ten Strings and a Goatskin, on offer. We don’t know much about them except they have a great sound on their new album, Corbeau. They could be the surprise hits of this year’s event, along with Dallahan.
To our readers and listeners in America and Canada: get to Milwaukee. Change all plans, borrow money, and hitchhike. Sell your stuff on eBay, do whatever you have to. This year can never be duplicated! To our other readers and listeners around the world, let’s assume that it is too late to make plans for this year. That’s a shame, but do put Milwaukee on your bucket list. Truly, The Big One, and this year The Best Ever. Wow!

Author: Bill Margeson

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