Marc Redmond: Then and Now, Ghosts of 1916

Marc Redmond: Then and Now, Ghosts of 1916

A selection of superimposed Photos by Dublin photographic artist Marc Redmond.

O_Connell_Bridge prisoner MR
The ghost of a 1916 rebel and his British Captors cross O Connell Bridge 1916 – 2015
Henry Street 1916 - 2016 Marc Redmond
Henry Street 1916 – 2015 . If those walls could talk


Henry street 1916 soldiers MR
Ghosts of British Soldiers and Civilians on Henry Street 1916 – 2015


bridge st 1916 2015 Marc Redmond
Ghostly British Soldiers search rubble near Bridge Street 1916 – 2015


City hall Marc Redmond
Ghostly British Army Sappers barricade City Hall 1916 – 2015


Trinity College Dublin Marc Redmond
Ghostly British Soldiers guard the gates of Trinity College 1916 – 2015


Parnell Monument Marc Redmond
Ghostly British with captured Rebel flag pose at the Parnell Monument on O Connell St 1916 – 2016


Courts Marc Redmond
A Ghostly British Cavalry Charge on the quays near the Four Courts 1916 – 2015
Ghostly Newspaper seller still works his patch near the GPO 1916 – 2015


Kilmainham Jail MR
Rebel Ghosts being released from Kilmainham Gaol 1916 – 2015


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