How many years have we been doing this? Don’t ask. We knew there was Manx Music on the beautiful Isle of Man, located between Scotland and Ireland. Those two countries’ rich cultural legacies melt together on the Isle, and there is the magic, but we had never heard it. Who knew? Now we have! Barrule is just out with their new cd, Manannan’s Cloak, and it is a winner. The talented trio is Tomas Callister on fiddle, Jamie Smith on piano accordion and vocals with Adam Rhodes playing bouzouki and mandolin. The group has a brand new, lovely promo video, featuring themselves, their music and the natural beauty of The Isle. We wanted you to see this. Shortly, we’ll have a full vid for you of this talented trio cooking up some fab reels. But, for now, welcome to Manx Music, played by Manx Men in one of the truly beautiful places on earth!!  Enjoy!

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