liveIreland World Premiere: The Fretless

The Fretless will be featured in another World Premiere here on LiveIreland, this Sunday, October 16 at 18:00 GMT, as we continue to be the only place to offer world premieres like this–Irish music on a truly worldwide basis, heard here for the first time!! The Bill&Imelda Show is the place. See you there–and, you are also welcome in the chat room! Here is a snippet of a review Bill wrote for Irish Music Magazine recently:

“The Fretless is out with a brand new album, Bird’s Nest. This comes as welcome news to the group’s singularly devoted following. The Fretless is Karrnnel Sawitsky –fiddle, viola; Trent Freeman – fiddle, viola; Ivonne Hernandez- fiddle-viola; and Eric Wright – cello. Now you know why the group is called The Fretless. Bird’s Nest contains nine tunes, all instrumental. This is not Irish music. It IS Irish music. This is not traditional. It IS traditional. Beyond any debate, it is wonderful music. The Fretless is unlike anyone else. Just when you think any one of these tunes has wandered off into a more general, world music format, each cut comes roaring back to Irish music-the real deal. Our favorites are Jig of a Blood Moon, Mary’s Jigs, and Samuel’s Maids. We used to think it was best for groups if they could not be categorized. We are not so sure nowadays. If The Fretless did a purely traditional album, we are sure it would be sensational.  But then, it would not be The Fretless. Make no mistake, these are four superbly gifted musicians, and all of this would be a lot easier to describe were it simply acoustic traditional. This group is impossible to pigeonhole except in one key aspect: file them under excellent music, wonderfully played, and demanding your fullest attention. We recommend this album highly.

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