liveIreland new album world premiers.

liveIreland new album world premiers.

As you know, LiveIreland is THE place for Irish music world premiers of new albums. The drumbeat continues. On July 17, The Bill&Imelda Show (1800 GMT Sunday) will premier LiveIreland’s New Group of the Year Award winners, Connla. Their new album is River Waiting, and Bill & Imelda tell us it is phenomenal. Then, on July 24 comes the premier of We Banjo 3’s brand new gem, String Theory. Bill & Imelda tell us that the new album will cement WB3’s position as the hottest group in Irish music right now! In addition, we are awaiting word on the new album from the group, Project West. You may know them as The Young Irelanders, but there is a name change, along with a new album, coming soon. We can’t wait! Mark the dates and times on your calendars now. Sundays 1800 GMT @!

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