Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell & Patrick Doocey Music & Mischief

Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell & Patrick Doocey Music & Mischief


Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell & Patrick Doocey have collaborated and produced a fantastic new album which brings a balance of newly composed tunes and traditional tunes with beautiful harmonies and arrangements all played with Perfection” Mike McGoldrick

Tis the season of introducing new albums, and a real corker has just been released by master musicians Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell, and Patrick Doocey. 
MUSIC AND MISCHIEF is a stunning collection of newly composed and traditional tunes arranged with a brightness and high-spirited touch that will immediately take you to a happier place feeling relaxed and joyful. It has been a steady companion since I received it. All three are exceptionally accomplished musicians. Kevin, born in Birmingham, moved to Clare for many years, and now living in New York is a long-time member and spokesperson for the iconic band, Lunasa.  I would run out of room listing the musicians and events he has been a part of.  He has long been considered one of the foremost flute, whistle players, and composers in Irish music. 
Born in Manchester of Irish parents from Cavan and Galway, Colin has been playing since he was 8 and in bands since 12 years of age.  If you can name an Irish musician, he has played with them.  Presently, he has been a regular member of Lunasa, especially here in The States, when Sean Smyth is unable to be with them due to his physician duties at home.  I love when both are playing-deadly! An award-winning fiddle and whistle player, as well as an accomplished composer, Colin is fast becoming one of the most talked about Irish musicians.

Patrick has long been a highly respected and sought-after accompanist in Irish music. American born in Massachusetts, he moved to Foxford, Co. Mayo before returning and settling in New York.  He is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, and amazingly self-taught on the instrument on which we know him best-the guitar

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