Irish cryptocurrency Irishcoin up 700% overnight in trading

A legacy cryptocoin that we’ve covered since it’s inception, Irishcoin has stood the test of time in crypto terms since 2014. The team has been working diligently in the background over the years to keep the coin alive whilst stalwarts like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple have dominated the crypto scene. With close to one trillion dollars moving into the crypto space, legacy coins like IRL have not only the novelty Irish factor but become trading coins in their own right acting as arbitrage between exchanges and or other coins and tokens. As of today Jan 7th, IRL is trading up 700% in heavy volume that started after the holiday break.
We hear now (one of our former writers was part of the dev team) that the next phase in IRL involves updates and ramping up marketing for 2018. Follow IrishCoin’s live price trades here: Update from IrishCoin Jan 12th, Over $3 million traded in one week: Facebook Page