Irish Black Pudding Now A Superfood!

Irish Black Pudding Now A Superfood!

The Paleo diet a derivate of the Atkins diet has become all the rage over the last few years but it has morphed and changed in different directions. The emphasis is now on high protein high fat content natural foods along with vegetables and leafy greens which would have been totally shunned circa late 80s early 90s. Next to Kerrygold butter, Black Pudding is now one of those “primal” foods that Paleo people are getting all worked up about. Speaking of the former, apparently we Irish have been eating “Grass Fed Butter” for the last three thousand years without knowing it. Because of our mild atlantic weather, Ireland’s cows are out eating grass 365 days a year with the odd bit of silage thrown in when the weather gets cold. This makes prime organic butter for the high fat content nutritionists. Black pudding contains pork blood, suet or fat and oatmeal. Judging by my favorite paleo blog (I’m in the same boat), Dripping! yes Dripping that your Ma used to cook Superquinn sausages with, is now next in line for US take over. Trans fats and vegetable oils are out. Better get stocked up quick before they take it all.

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Author: david lattimer

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