A taste of Moxie

Last year, I was working in Temple Lane Rehearsals studios as a rock n’ roll tour guide. While I was working I would here different genres of music coming from the rooms. One day, really amazing traditional music got my attention. I asked one of guys working down there who the band were and they said Moxie – one of the best young traditional bands out there right here. 

All hailing from Limerick/Sligo, Moxie are: Cillian Doheny (tenor banjo/guitar), Jos Kelly (button accordion/keyboard), Darren Roche (button accordion), Ted Kelly (tenor banjo/electric guitar) and Paddy Hazelton (percussion).  Their music has a solid traditional backbone, inspired and shaped by the surrounding of the west of Ireland. It also has progressive, world and jazz influences creeping into their music it makes for an interesting and distinctive sound.  Here are two of their music videos for your enjoyment. 

Moxie are now an exciting fixture on the Irish music scene. I look forward to hopefully catching them live this year. 

Source: Youtuber user - Moxiemuso





Author: Klara McDonnell

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