Donegal Dynamite!

This album, the self-titled Tom Byrne, is not new. But, it is new to us. How this missed us a few years ago will remain an eternal mystery, but the important thing is we have it now–so we can share it with you! Tom is from Donegal. Originally from England. He comes from an incredibly musical family, including his Dad. There is a long, proud tradition in Irish music of excellent harmonica players. Think Brendan Power and Irish-American, Charlie McCoy. Tom Byrne is right at the top of the mountain with them. We were tipped to this incredible player by the great button box artist, Paul Brock of The Brock McGuire Band. In the phone call he used the word, “incredible” seven or eight times. He is right. This vid will give you a SMALL sample of what is on offer from this fabulous musician. There is former LI Musician of the Year, Carl Hession on piano, Frankie Gavin on fiddle and Paul O’Driscoll on double bass. First rate. Enjoy!

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