Chicago Goes Green!

chicago goes green!

Chicago goes green for St Patrick’s Day!

This is the big start of the St. Pat’s festivities in Chicago. Saturday, March 11 was the big downtown parade, through the city’s beautiful Grant Park. Sunday, March 12 sees the world famous South Side Parade. The downtown one is all slick, politicians, big floats–you know the routine. And, it is the one for which they turn the river a bright green by adding, appropriately, an absolutely safe, enviro-friendly orange dye! The effect lasts a few days! Sunday’s South Side one is actually bigger, but much more of a family feel to it all. Both are great fun, tons of music and dancing getting the week off to a great start. All of it, of course, leading to Friday, March 17 when all heaven breaks loose! Bill &Imelda will be telling you all about it on the Friday celebration here on LiveIreland. They are in the middle of it all in Chicago!! Here we go!  Thanks to @wolfgang_the_lonewolf in Chicago for the Pic above and below!