Ireland’s Ancient Gold

The Bronze Age in Ireland, (2500BC-500BC), introduced metal working skills to the country. This is widely attributed to settlers known as “beakers” from the European continent. Bronze, a mixture of tin and copper, was used […]


Massy’s Wood, Kilakee

A short distance from the Hell Fire Club Massy woods once surrounded a beautiful stately home known as Kilakee House. The original house was sadly demolished in the 1940’s after the family came into debt […]


St Colmcille’s Holy Well South Dublin

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWv-Y3mGGuU?rel=0&showinfo=0] Saint Colmcille’s Well is  located at the top end of the Ballycullen Road as you near Orlagh retreat centre. Legend has it Saint Colmcille stopped off on his way to Glendalough and came upon the ancient well, […]