Chris Newman & Maire Ni Chathasaigh – Stroll On!

Here is the best harp player in the music, and there are a lot of them who are terrific! She is Maire Ni Chathasaig, and here she is with her partner, Chris Newman, who some say is the best guitarist in the music, too! Whatever you say, they are magic. She is under heavy consideration for one of our major Awards here on LI to start the new year, and here you will hear!! She is the Queen of trad, but this cut is such fun. It was a staple of theirs for years in their concerts.

Find and get their new album, Sibling Revelry. Great title, hey? It features Chris and Arty McGlynn on guitars and Maire’s sisters, Nollaig Casey and Mairead Ni Chathasaigh on fiddles. It is pure joy! Also, keep an eye out for their much-loved Christmas album, Christmas Lights. There is also Chris’ current guitar album, Still Getting Away With it.
We play them a LOT on the Bill&Imelda Show every Sunday here on LI at 18:00 GMT.
They are the best. Stunning. Perfect, and any other superlatives you may know! Enjoy!


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